Miten puhua maailmanrauhasta?

Edelleen vähän harmittaa, että finaalipuhe jäi Nuorkauppakamareiden Eurooppakokouksessa Ranskan Lyonissa pitämättä, koska mielestäni sen kautta syntynyt ajatus oli kerrassaan loistava. Edelleen mua kutkuttaa oma oivallukseni siinä määrin, että pakkohan tämän ympärille on joku prokkis keksiä 😀

Finaalipuheen annettu otsikko oli: Countries who prioritize peace in their own communities will bring about transformational peace around the world. Tämä on puheen työversio, josta puuttuu muuten kertaus ja lopetus ja todennäköisesti lopullinen versio olisi muuttunut vielä vähän, mutta älä anna sen häiritä 😉

I’m  34 and I don’t read magazines, I read blogs. I don’t have TV, I rather watch Youtube and radio is so last season – I rather listen to podcasts.

I come from Finland. If we look at the Global Peace Index we are ranked the 15th peaceful country out of the 163 countries in the index, so one could definitely say we prioritize peace in our country.  We have free education for everyone, great social support system that leaves no-one out and we were just ranked the happiest country in the world. 

We are a small country but when it comes to peace we have achieved amazing things. 2008 our former president Martti Ahtisaari was awarded with A Nobel Peace Prize for his great efforts, on several continents and over more than three decades, to resolve international conflicts. Martti Ahtisaari founded The Crisis Management Initiative organization known as the CMI, that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation. Now CMI is one of the leading organizations in its field. That’s amazing! A perfect example how even a small country which prioritizes peace in their own communities can bring about transformational peace around the world. 

Politicians help countries to attain or achieve peace in their countries but we also have other groups who have been working as peace ambassadors for many decades. These ambassadors influence in their communities by spreading the message of world peace directly to people. I’m sure you didn’t see this coming but I’m talking about beauty contests. Just think about it. What do all Miss candidates say when they are asked about what they want to achieve in the world? World Peace!

I used to laugh about it. Like C’mon, you want to achieve world peace? You want a 100 000 instagram followers and a famous boyfriend. But now I started to look closer and I found out that actually, behind all the national beauty contests, like Miss Finland, there are large organisations teaching the finalists on how to advocate peace. So it’s really not irrelevant and they want to choose candidates who believe they can actually make a difference. 

If we look at  peace in a community level we see that these beautiful ambassadors have a big audience. Think about it. CMI has 14 300 followers on facebook but Miss Universum 2018, Gatriona Gray has 5,5 million followers on Instagram. If I would want to reach people around the world I would rather use Gatriona’s Instagram page than CMI’s. Today the real influencers who can actually make their voices heard are the stars on social media. Did you know that the most popular Youtube star is Felix from Sweden? He has 66 million followers. OMG, 66 million people are following him!

Social media stars of course work in a totally different level from politicians for example, but I believe we need both. We need politicians working towards peace through policies but we also need these other influencers who can reach common people. Look at it. JCI is trying to activate young people to vote. Which one do u think would work better, JCI sending a memo to young adults asking them to vote or Felix from Sweden saying in one of his videos that “hey my brothers and sisters, remember to go and vote”? 

This gave me a whole new Idea on how we could bring about transformational peace around the world. Behind every Beauty Contest is an organization helping the girls on how to advocate peace. Now what if we could make these other social media stars our peace ambassadors? Companies have already started promoting their products through them but I believe we could also give them a greater purpose. Is it possible? I’m so excited because I believe it is. 

Inside JCI you can find a project called Peace is possible. It provides tools for everyone to participate in peace work in grassroots level. So let us use these tools. You could for example organise a Peace is Possible event in your community and invite the 5 most popular social media influencers of your country along with politicians to a panel discussion to talk about how they feel and think about peace. Adding both sides to the same discussion you can make it more powerful. With their help you can advocate peace in your own community and you can bring about transformational peace in the world.


Finaalipuhe on tällä hetkellä ajankohtainen myös sen takia, että tällä viikolla julkaistiin MAIKIN yhteistyö Miss Suomi -organisaation kanssa More than Beauty Academyn puitteissa. Ja tämä puhe on erityisesti ajankohtainen, koska joka toinen kohtaamani ihminen on kysynyt nauraen toivoiko ne (eli Miss Suomi – semifinalistit) kaikki maailmanrauhaa? Tämän puheen myötä siis vastaus kaikille, miksi ”ne” toivoo maailmanrauhaa ja miksi se on ihan helv***n hyvä juttu! 🙂

Rauhaisaa loppuviikkoa kaikille <3

PS. Jos joku JC haluaa tulla kehittelemään projektia tämän ympärille niin ole yhteydessä <3


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